Suzanne Fortin was born in Magog, Québec, Canada. She studied in Fine Arts at the Collège de Sherbrooke, Québec and later received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in printmaking from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada. She was awarded 4 Artist Research Fellowship Grants between 1986 and 1993 by the Québec Ministry of Culture. Her prints work is included in the collections of The Federal Reserve, Capital One, The New Orleans Museum of Fine Arts, Louisiana, Musée des Beaux Arts de Sherbrooke, Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada and different private collections in Canada and United States.

From December 2000 to December 2005, she lived In Richmond, VA with her daughter Jasmine and husband Peter Calvert, then executive director of 1708 Gallery. During the period of fall 2001 and spring 2004, Suzanne was pursuing an Independent Study in the Printmaking studio, at the Virginia Commonwealth University. During that time she gave two technical presentations on collography one at V.C.U. and the other at Hand Workshop. She also collaborated with 6 others post-graduate students and their teacher David Freed to the printing of 13 of the nineteenth century copperplates belonging to the Library of Virginia. Over three hundred prints were made during this spring semester. One of those print is feature in the Smithsonian magazine of the, May 2007, "Beyond Jamestown" article, page 52.

In 2004, while member of the One-Off printmakers group of Virginia, she coordinated an exchange-exhibition bringing the works of 28 Virginia printmakers to exhibit at the Atelier Circulaire in Montréal. In return in fall 2005 it allowed the Montréal printmakers group of artists of l'Atelier Circulaire to exhibit in Virginia, at the Flippo Gallery of the Randolph Macon College, in Ashland, near Richmond.

From January 2006 to October 2009, she lives in Martinsville, VA with her husband Peter Calvert; former executive director of Piedmont Arts Association and daughter Jasmine. Jasmine Calvert is studying sculpture at the Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts. In September 2010, her other daughter Emilie Fortin, had received a master degree in public management, local and international development, at the Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada, and since January 2011, is studying for her PHD at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

During the time Ms. Fortin lived in Martinsville she learned stained and fused glass at Patrick Henry Community College. She also exhibits her prints at the office of the Harvest Foundation on Church Street. Her works glass and prints were on consignment at the Southern Virginia Artisan Center (2007-2009).

She has taught and given workshops in numerous educational institutions over the past 30 years to different level of skills and ages.

In 2008, she taught during the program, Art after school, a group of 14 teenagers coming to her studio, on Church Street in Martinsville, to print and create an edition of 14 small books of their prints. At the same time Ms Fortin was also showing them the evolution of her stained glass projects. Her studio hours were divided between prints work, stained and fused glass. In the exhibition " Expressions" at the Piedmont Arts Association (11 May-June 29, 2008), Suzanne Fortin renewing herself, exhibited two glassworks, Soothing ride, a stained glass that received an award of "Distinction", and Column of light a 15 feet sun catcher. She made those works while attending two Craft classes, at the Patrick Henry Community College in continuing education program during the winter 2007 session. The same year, she gave a talk about different aspects of her carrier during the Membership luncheon meeting of the Piedmont Arts Guild, May 2007.

She taught stained glass to groups of teens at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, in Richmond during summer 2010.

Starting in fall 2009, she taught stained glass at the Visual Art Center, Richmond,VA, to middle school students enrolled in the program Art After School until May 2011.
She is now working in her studio on Cary Street, Richmond, VA